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  • 1. Full payment and this form must be received to ensure you have a table at your desired Parent Bazaar location. No tables can be reserved in advance without payment, or without this form and all tables are on a first come first served basis.
    2. A Parent Vendor is considered a person selling their used children's or household items only. No items that are considered business items can be displayed or sold on a Parent Table. These items are considered but not limited to: beauty or health info, photography, hair accessories, banking, Tupperware, crafts or jewelry.
    3. At the discretion of the sale organizer businesses are limited by number and by type at each Parent Bazaar location. If you have submitted payment and this form and your location is full for businesses or your type of business a full refund will be given.
    4. Businesses that register as a Parent Vendor will be asked to leave the sale and not be able to set-up. No refund will be given.
    5. Businesses registered as one type of businesses can not display or hand out information not related to this registered businesses.
    6. Business Vendors can split their tables and also sell used children's or household items.
    7. If due to circumstances beyond our control the Sale at your location can not be operated on the day and no other day for its operation is chosen that suites you, the full amount of your payment will be returned to you. These circumstances are considered as follows though not limited to:
    i. not enough tables sold at the location to warrant the event being held
    ii. an act of God or vandalism that restricts access to/or function of the facility
    8. If the Parent Bazaar at your location is not cancelled but you fail to attend the event due to your own circumstances your payment shall not be reimbursed.
    9. If you cancel your attendance 2 weeks or less prior to the event your payment shall not be reimbursed.
    10. If you have paid The Parent Bazaar with one of the methods on this contract then you will be reimbursed by The Parent Bazaar. If you have paid the sale organizer directly using a different method then you must seek reimbursement from the organizer.
    11. Your email will be used to send your set-up information as well as to contact you for future sales in your area. You can unsubscribe from this at anytime.
    12. If you have not set-up and your table is still empty prior to the time sent by your sale organizer your spot will be given to the parent vendors around you so there are no empty tables on the sale floor. This time can be 10 to 25 min. prior to the start of your sale. If you have arrived late and your table is gone you may not be able to set-up and no refund will be given. Sale start times are all displayed on the website
    13. It is your responsibility to bring only items for sale that are in good working order, not broken, clean and safe to resell under Health Canada Guidelines or Transport Canada. It is illegal to resell items that have been recalled or pose a health risk to the user.
    14. All items at the Parent Bazaar sales are sold directly to the buyers from your space. In selling at our sale you (the vendor) agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Parent Bazaar, its officers, directors and representatives against all damages, liabilities or costs, including reasonable attorneys' fees and defense costs, to the extent caused by your (the vendor's) negligent sale, either knowingly or unknowingly, of any item that causes harm to a buyer.
    15. It is suggested that all vendors have their own insurance policy to provide coverage during the event, including day of set-up and duration of the sale with The Parent Bazaar listed as additional insured. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Suzzanne Lu at
    16. The Parent Bazaar and sale organizers will not be liable for any money or items that go missing, or become broken at the sale.
    17. Children are welcome at the sale if they are cared for. Please don't leave children unattended at the sale at any time!!!
    18. The Parent Bazaar and sale organizers will not be liable for any injury or accidents that happen during the duration of the sale, including set-up and tear-down.
    19. Unless you sell out of all your items prior to the stated end of the sale we ask that you remain till the end of the sale as a courtesy to sale organizers and late comers.
    20. Parent Bazaar Sales are all operated by separate sale organizers. If you have a complaint about your local sale organizer please let us know by emailing Include your name, address and phone number so we can legally follow-up if needed.
  • I have read and understood all 20 of the above Rules
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