Run Your Own Sale

Ever wanted to run a community Mom 2 Mom sale but didn’t know where to start?

Well you are in Luck!

We are opening the Parent Bazaar fully automated booking website as well as providing all our contracts, templates and even our insurance coverage to parents looking to run a Mom 2 Mom Sale in their area.

As part of our Parent Bazaar community you will not only receive time-tested administrative and legal tools but also our help every step of the way.

My Story

My Story When my first born son started preschool in 2010/2011, I joined the preschool executive team as the Fundraiser Coordinator. I would organize mom 2 mom sales and partner up with other day cares and preschools in my community. With all the help from our parent volunteers our sales were a great success. I stayed on as an executive member for 2012/2013. I found that times were changing, parents and families were getting busier and busier. I took a break from running shows.

I heard about this Parent Bazaar mom 2 mom sales. Who would ever thought to rent a large space in hopes of bringing in larger crowds. Well Laurie Konkle did. I became a parent vendor at the Ancaster sale and this is when I met Laurie. I loved the idea of not being crammed in a church basement and I was hooked.

Then my daughter started preschool, I became a member of the executive team as the Fundraiser Coordinator for 2014/2015 and again for 2015/2016. I came up with the idea of having a Bake Sale table at the Ancaster sale. The parents would do some baking at home and I would sell it at the show to help raise funds.

Laurie was very accommodating and a pleasure to work with. I continued on selling at the Ancaster sale with the Bake sale and also as a parent vendor. When my daughter started school, Laurie asked if I would be interested in running a show myself. This is how I became the Brantford Parent Bazaar organizer. I have organized many shows, Craft shows, Entertainment nights, Mom 2 Mom sales, Spaghetti dinners, and recently Family Fun Day on family day.

"It is a lot of work, but if you like people and kids and want to create a great community resource that families look forward to year after year then The Parent Bazaar Sale can be a wonderful turn-key tool. It is also a lot of fun too."

How it Works

You can live anywhere in Canada and run a Parent Bazaar Sale.

You set your territory. For example I found I like running sales in a radius of about an hour, so one year I ran twelve sales in seven different sale locations. So this would be considered my territory. We approve your territory in advance and a contract will be in place to guarantee your territory as your own for one year. This contract can be renewed every year and you can then alter the boundaries of your territory too.

You pick the location for each sale, the day the sale operates and the times it operates.

You set the Business & Parent table prices (as we are dealing with multiple provinces prices must include tax).

You will be responsible to cover the cost of the location/s you pick, any table or chair rentals and, if you don’t want us to cover the insurance costs (there is a small fee for us insuring your sale under our policy) the insurance for each sale location.

You advertise the sale along with us.

You run the sale.

Any Monies you make from sponsors or advertisers and door fees are immediately kept by you. Monies for table rental fees must be collected by Just Playdates Ltd and are paid back to you after the sale has successfully run.

You can give out bags at the door or do door prizes, but our $1000 cash draw ballots must go out to every buyer and every seller; be collected by you and mailed to us after the sale.

What you Get

An Exclusive Territory that is preselected by you and approved by us for a year.

Your sales will display on The Parent Bazaar Website which is a fully functioning booking website, providing you with automated emails every time a parent or business books as well as when this booking has been confirmed with payment.

We run your email blasts through our website as it was specifically created to do mass emails.

Marketing your sale into our social media accounts and listing each sale on the events page.

We do all the administrative tasks. Like listing your sales on the website, loading your sale information, adding the sponsor logos and countless other tasks that keep you focused on marketing and running the sale. You are not alone when you run a Parent Bazaar Sale!

The Parent Bazaar will supply the $1000 draw ballots (this Cash draw happens after the last sale of the year and is a great prize to help sell your sale). Our Parent Bazaar Sale Rules are on the back so this legally must be provided to every buyer and every seller at the sale. After you collect them, you mail them too us, and we will enter the details of these ballots creating a contact list for your sale area and an email database to sell your next sale too!

We have flyer templates, PDF contracts, company logos, email templates and any assistance you require to help you set-up a successful sale.

We also welcome feedback and can change the website and marketing info to better suit your area and needs.

What it Costs

My goal has always been to create an easy way for people to make money & my vendor table fees have always followed this. So it is not a surprise that we are pricing Parent Bazaar Reps in the same way.

Parent Bazaar Reps sign a year contract and this is not reflective of the number of sales you what to run over that year. You can run 1 sale or you can run as many sales as you want for the year within your territory. Cost to you will be only $150.00 per year (tax included), payable to Rebecca Bouwmeister.

The Next Step

If all this sounds good to you then click here for the Parent Bazaar Representative Contract. Also contact us with any questions. We can be reached by email, mail or phone during regular business hours in Eastern Standard Time.

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